Café Momentum x F O R E M O S T

About the Artist:

F O R E M O S T is the lead artist and youth facilitator of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles. His art produces narratives aimed at challenging Black folks to rethink what it means to be Black as it relates to state violence and racial disparity. At the edge of his work, Foremost explores themes of limitless Black love, Black resilience and Black freedom.


About the Art:

“Sol Food” was inspired by the youth of Cafe Momentum. The interns opened their hearts and shared their stories with me. They described their love for the work they do, expressed the deep sense of belonging felt during “Family Meal,” and articulated how being in a multicultural community helps them to develop and learn new skills. I began to imagine all the colors they were inside and I saw them all. I began to see them as seeds growing and becoming a bountiful crop. I began to see them as the sun, a source of life, light and center. I quickly came to realize they were the very heart and sol of Cafe Momentum, shining bright, inside and out.